Since its founding in 2004, SEEK has been working to improve human health by:

  • reformulating existing drugs to make them more effective and safer, and where possible repurposing them into new indications;
  • developing novel vaccines against infectious diseases – particularly diseases which mutate frequently, making them difficult to target;
  • operating specialist clinics to provide patients with safe access to repurposed medicines.

Who We Are

Richard Huston

Group Managing Director

Richard has over 30 years’ experience in the Financial Industry and in that time has held Executive roles in Asia, Europe and the UK. He has been involved in start-ups and small businesses in both the UK and the US and holds several related Directorships in the Biotech industry.

Gregory Stoloff

Founder and Head of Innovation

Gregory is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has spent many years researching scientific medical issues, specifically related to the immune system. He has also been involved in several publications, recounting research in the peptide space and is listed as an inventor in numerous patents for cancer, HIV, mosquito-borne diseases and influenza. Gregory has been instrumental in the development of the concepts pursued by SEEK and has been the driving force behind the Group’s continued growth and diversification.

Declan Monaghan

Group Chief Financial & Commerical Officer

Declan is a qualified Certified Accountant and graduated from the London Business School with the Sloan MSc degree in Leadership and Strategy. With experience in banking, IT, Life Sciences and the Non-profit sector, Declan is responsible for the day to day operations and finance of the SEEK group and its subsidiaries.

How We Work

SEEK has a team of scientists specialising in immunology, biochemistry and pharmacology who have collaborated to invent innovative broad-spectrum vaccines. Inspired by the vaccines work with lipid nanoparticles, the team went on to develop new techniques for formulating medicines in lipids to improve their absorption into the body while reducing the side-effects of those medicines. This led to the team developing expertise in reformulating and repurposing existing medicines into new indications.

Our Strategy

SEEK is a holding company, developing its medicines through their early to mid-stage development, before spinning them out – either through out-licensing or creating independent stand-alone businesses.

Our Timeline


SEEK is founded to develop novel vaccines.

2006 - 2008

Patents filed for vaccines against HIV, universal influenza and mosquito-borne diseases


Incorporation of key subsidiary, Biocopea Limited. Dr Robin Bannister and John Brew join forces with PepTcell Limited.


Work begins on small molecule drug development.


Patents filed on lipid-formulated ibuprofen and NSAIDs


Spin out of Infirst Healthcare Limited.


Establishment of the Care Oncology Clinic, offering a specialised, oncology-led metabolic therapy option for cancer patients.


Establishment of ValiSEEK, a joint venture with ValiRx plc to develop VAL401 – a small molecule re-formulation and re-purposing of generic risperidone – an anti-psychotic displaying anti-cancer activity when formulated in a specific lipid mixture.


UK Launch of FLARIN, a lipid formulated ibuprofen, and Unicough by infirst.


Establishment of Imutex Limited – a Joint Venture with hvivo plc to progress the clinical development of the influenza and mosquito saliva vaccines.


Expansion of Care Oncology Clinic to the USA.

2018 - 2019

Major study collaboration on mosquito saliva vaccine with NIAID.


Establishment of ConserV Bioscience Limited, to commercialise vaccines against [broad-spectrum] coronavirus, RSV, Hepatitis B and C, Chagas, HIV and Rotavirus.


Sale of Care Oncology clinics.

Establishment and sale of LVL Health clinics.

Establishment of TRX Biosciences Limited.

Key Subsidiaries

TRx is a clinical-stage drug development company leveraging a proprietary targeted oral drug delivery platform across a growing portfolio of partnered and wholly-owned biopharma products. TRx is utilising natural human biology to access a novel drug uptake channel, so providing an alternative and unexploited mechanism for oral drug absorption compared to both traditional and state-of-the-art oral formulation technologies. TRx’s technology delivers numerous benefits that can be harnessed simultaneously, including significantly increased bioavailability alongside various pharmacodynamic enhancements, enabling targeted oral drug delivery to specific organs, tissues and cells in cancer, CNS, respiratory diseases and diseases of the immune system. TRx’s targeted approach can also remove or reduce the impact of adverse effects, offering scope for enhanced gastric, cardiac and hepatic-related off-target effects. Collectively, these benefits lead to fundamental changes in drug biodistribution and performance, which can be rapidly accessed and validated in pre-clinical and clinical settings. TRx operates a flexible and collaborative technology partnering and licensing model as it seeks to integrate its technology into a range of future new therapies. For more information contact TRx Biosciences directly.

Infirst Healthcare was established to commercialise the lipid delivery platform developed within the SEEK Group. This platform uses GRAS and/or pharmaceutical approved ingredients, is inexpensive to manufacture and is patent protected. This technology can be applied to a wide range of lipophilic molecules.  The lipid allows for increased bioavailability for lipophilic molecules and more targeted distribution to areas of interest in the body. The first product commercialised out of this platform is an enhanced version of ibuprofen called Flarin, which has now been spun out into a separate company. Details can be found on the Flarin website.

ConserV’s mission is to develop safe and effective vaccines which offer broad protection against infections from viruses that mutate frequently. ConserV specialises in the identification of antigens consisting of conserved regions of viral proteins containing a high number of reactive T cell epitopes with extensive MHC coverage. ConserV is developing two clinical stage assets on behalf of Imutex Limited - its joint venture with hvivo plc - a broad-spectrum influenza vaccine and a vaccine against mosquito saliva (which aims to protect against infection from all mosquito-borne diseases). ConserV also has a further pipeline of six pre-clinical / early-stage clinical vaccines in development. To explore ConserV's pipeline, please visit the ConserV website.

Care Oncology undertakes research into cancer, and provides clinical services to patients in the UK and the USA through its Care Oncology clinics and its dedicated telehealth services. Care Oncology developed the metabolic protocol as an adjunctive cancer treatment, which is personalised for each patient and prescribed under medical supervision. SEEK sold the Care Oncology clinics to Stage Zero Life Sciences in 2021. For more information, please contact Care Oncology directly.

LVL Health was established by SEEK to investigate the benefits of the use of medical-grade cannabis in the treatment of chronic pain. LVL Health is now a leading medical cannabis clinic for chronic pain providing a rapid access route to the highest quality treatment. LVL Health is conducting the CANPAIN study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a defined cannabis-based medicinal product (CBMP) delivered by inhalation to patients with non-cancer chronic pain attending a private clinic. LVL Health is now a member of the Celadon Pharmaceuticals group. For more information contact LVL Health directly.


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